Rose Swisher


Who was Rose Swisher?

She was an American photographer and model. The first of William Russell’s four wives was Swisher. Russell is famous for being among the greatest basketball players in the sport’s history.


Biography of  Rose Swisher:


  • Date of Birth: On December 27, 1929, in the American city of Pennsylvania, Rose Swisher was born.
  • Education: She played basketball, tennis, and softball while she was a student at the University of Pennsylvania, where she was an outstanding athlete.
  • Swisher continued his musical career as a professional after graduating, playing the violin in a number of symphony orchestras, including the Boston Symphony Orchestra.






The highest level of Swisher’s professional life was her work as a professional musician. IN a number of symphony orchestras, including the Boston Symphony Orchestra, she played the violin. one of the world’s most famous orchestras.


  1. She travelled the world with her singing career and even played for Queen Elizabeth II of England.


  1. As a model and an activist, Rose Swisher


  1. When she was younger, Rose worked as a model and rose to the status of one of the era’s first black supermodels. Swisher was on the cover of Ebony Magazine and posed for Maybelline Cosmetics in the 1950s and 1960s.


  1. Rose worked as a model as well as an activist. The American population at the time was greatly impacted by differences in race, and Rose, a feminist and activist, did her best to bring about change and speak out against discrimination. 




In Pennsylvania, United States, Rose Swisher was born on November 26, 1933. On March 18, 2021, she passed away in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, at the age of 87. 




Bill Russell and Swisher met while they were both students at the University of San Francisco. They started dating in 1956, and on May 29, 1956, they were married. Three children were born to the couple: Karen Russell, who died away in 2020, 

After 17 years of marriage, which were defined by many ups and downs, they finally divorced in 1973.




Bill Russell and Rose Swisher were wed for over two decades


Bill Russell’s first wife, Rose Swisher, was with him for 17 years before they divorced. Several stories claim that Swisher and Russell fell in love while still in college after meeting at the University of San Francisco. Bill studied physical education while Rose was studying nursing.


While it has been proven that they met in college and fell in love, further information on how and when they met and how their relationship began is not publicly known. However, it is said that they dated throughout their time in college until finally saying “I do” on December 9, 1956, in a small ceremony that was only attended by their family and close friends.


17 years of married life


Following the ceremony, they lived as a married couple for the following seventeen years. During this time, they were happily married, and their relationship looked ideal. However, their relationship broke down in 1973, around four years after Russell’s professional basketball career came to an end. They ended their relationship and parted ways.




On December 9, 1956, Rose and Bill Russell had their wedding. They later gave birth to three children: Karen Russell, William Russell Jr., and Jacob Russell.


  • Three children—two sons and a daughter—were born to Rose Swisher and her husband.

1st child of Rose Swisher


  • On November 2, 1957, about a year after being married, the late former couple gave birth to their first child together, a son named William Fenton Russell Jr. 
  • Death of William Fenton: Nothing is known about William Fenton other than the fact that he died in 2016 at the age of 59 after losing the fight with cancer.



            He spent several years driving trucks for Cox Trucking until he passed away.


Second Child 


On July 6, 1957, Rose and Bill gave birth to their second son, Jacob H. Russell.


  • Profile of Jacob: With keeping a low profile, Jacob is seem to live in Washington State with his wife, Sara Mack Russell, and their two kids. 


Third Child (last)


On January 20, 1962, the late couple gave birth to Karen Russell, their only daughter and third child.

The only one of her children getting love is Karen. 


  • Career:  She blogs and works as a political and legal journalist. She enjoyed the benefit of being in the media because of her job. Karen Russell graduated from Harvard Law School and has a law degree.


They Divorce In 1973


For the first several decades of their marriage, Swisher and her then-husband Russell enjoyed a wonderful life together, but as time went on, things started to go wrong. And 17 years after their wedding, the two separated peacefully in 1973.


According to sources, the two parted ways because of some personal problems. In contrast to her husband Russell, who was dark, demanding, sometimes thoughtless, Rose was a highly principled campaigner. 


They both ignored the real cause of their divorce. But it’s believed that they separated up because they were emotionally distant from one another. Bill was paying Swisher to care for herself and their three children after their divorce since she was granted full custody of them.


She remarried or not?


Rose Swisher continued living after her marriage to Bill fell apart, but in a far more private manner than she had when they were still together. Details about her future relationships were never disclosed to the public due of this. Therefore, it might be challenging to determine whether she got remarried or not.


Death Of Rose Swisher


On her own, Rose Swisher passed away eight years before her ex-husband. On September 11, 2014, she passed away. The cause of her death has not been made public to this point since she kept a low profile after divorcing the late NBA star.




Bill Russell’s first wife, Rose Swisher, died at the age of 86. She is survived by her daughter Karen Russell, who is wed to wealthy businessman December Miombo, and her son William.


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