7 Technological Terms All Discerning Parents Should Understand to Handle Technology with Children

SEO Discover the essential technological jargon that contemporary parents must understand in order to help their tech-savvy children navigate the digital world. Remain knowledgeable and in control to supervise your kids’ digital use in a responsible and safe manner.


In the current digital era, kids are exposed to technology from an early age. It’s critical for parents to comprehend the terms and ideas that influence their children’s electronic encounters. In order to effectively use technology with their toddlers, parents nowadays should be familiar with seven essential tech phrases, which are introduced in this crossword problem.

Crossword Puzzle:

Modern Lingo’s Technology-Addicted Tots

1 T E C H – S A V V Y 2 S C R E E N – TI’m three-dimensional in nature.I Got It All – Na Na 4 WI FI    5 C Y B E R – S E C U 6 P A R R E N T A L – C 7 A P P – S T R E S

In between:

Being tech-savvy refers to having a thorough understanding of and proficiency with digital gadgets and software.

Screen Time:

The duration of time spent using computers, tablets, and other electronic devices with screens.


Wireless network technology that enables wireless communication between electronic devices and internet connections.


The set of procedures and policies intended to defend data, systems, and electronic equipment from online threats and assaults.
Parental control refers to the settings and features on digital gadgets and websites that let parents keep an eye on and restrict their kids’ access to certain content.

Knowing the Technical Jargon:


In the modern environment, both parents and kids need to be tech aware. It entails possessing the know-how and abilities to utilize technology efficiently for a range of goals, including productivity, education, and amusement as well as communication.

Screen Time:

The amount time that is spent using gadgets with displays, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and televisions, is referred to as screen time. It is imperative for parents to oversee and regulate the amount of time their kids spend online in order to maintain a harmonious equilibrium between digital pursuits and alternative modes of play and education.


Wireless fidelity, sometimes known as WiFi, is a technology for wireless networks that enables wireless internet connections and wireless device-to-device communication.


Cybersecurity is the set of procedures and policies intended to defend data, systems, and electronic devices against online threats and assaults.

Parental Control:

These functions frequently include content limitations, time limits for screen time, and tracking tools to keep an eye on online behavior and make sure kids are using digital devices in a safe an age-appropriate manner. It frequently results from too much peer pressure on social media, or the addictive qualities of some apps.


In conclusion, you can better equip yourself for navigating the digital world with your tech-savvy toddlers in a confident and responsible manner by being familiar with these essential tech words.

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